"Hüttengaudi" in Upper Austria, the most popular party inn.

The high life at almost 1000 metres altitude. It is not for nothing that the AVIVA ALM in St. Stefan am Walde in Upper Austria‘s Mühlviertel district is regarded as an insider tip among the hottest alpine inns in Austria.

Locals, day-trippers,
single people and friends…

Have fun at the AVIVA Alm

...the nurtured concept of ‘Hüttengaudi’ is an almost magical draw up to almost 1000 metres altitude in the AVIVA ALM. From here you get a fantastic view out to the Mühlviertel landscape and to the Alps, while enjoying yourself in the ambience of Alpine inn

  • celebrate,
  • dance,
  • laugh
  • and enjoy good food.

Experience that very special AVIVA ALM

The event location in Mühlviertel.

AVIVA ALM has space for up to 100 people and is very suitable for private

  • club,
  • group
  • and company events
  • as well as cool alpine inn parties.

Your party in the AVIVA ALM

A genuine Alpine inn feeling makes every party unforgettable! The AVIVA ALM can exclusively booked for private parties. The best thing to do would be to secure the date and party location you want by telephoning +43-7216-37600.

To the AVIVA Alm

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