Get here and get into the
AVIVA feeling.

You’ve arrived. Welcome.

Feel great from the very first second. Safe. Satisfied. And a little bit aloof. Removed from the daily grind. Standing above things. That’s what altitude does. At almost 1000 m you just sleep better here. You feel refreshed and healthy. In particular, everything tastes that little more intense.

Enjoyment, from the very first mo-ment.
Let go. Relax. Switch off

A cappuccino at the cosy day bar or a glass of something in between times in the cool lobby with your new friends, who you will meet everywhere here.

Friendship is, above all else, a matter of

  • being.
  • being in a friendship means being satisfied.
  • self-presence.
  • being receptive – to the new and to what at times is the unknown.
Nurturing friendships
Aperitif at the day bar