AVIVA, a holiday paradise
for single people.

The hotel for single people, the AVIVA – added value for solo travellers.

The AVIVA lifestyle realm is a paradise for anyone who is travelling alone, yet who doesn’t want to be alone. Away from day-to-day routine and into living. Unforgettable adventures and activities, stimulating discus-sions, new experiences, dancing and flirting in the AVIVA-ALM or in the dance club – in the AVIVA holiday realm there is something for everyone.

Being able to do everything and not having to do anything.
In the AVIVA you have space and time for yourself.

Time by yourself is time when you can get the best out of yourself.

Single people who want to re-orient them-selves, can, with the help of professional Personal Coaches iget the best out of themselves in the AVIVA in a sporty, communicative and interpersonal relationship.

Anyone who in between times wants to be completely alone and be surrounded by total tranquillity to relax, will also find plenty of space in the hotel for single people, the AVIVA to take a step back.

AVIVA is a hotspot for friends too.
A holiday together in the Hotel AVIVA.

They are the seasoning in our soup - colleagues, travel companions and the like-minded. Our harshest critics, who nonetheless love us the way we are – friends. The AVIVA is the perfect holiday destination to make and nurture friendships.

Time-out together.
Time for friends, hobbies and relaxing.

Time out together, taking time for your friends again, enjoying your hobbies as well as relaxing and enjoying some comfort – that and more is what a holiday with friends is like in the Hotel AVIVA!

AVIVA, a holiday realm, where you and your friends have the chance to spend the holiday the way you and your fellow travellers imagine. Celebrating together, laughing , sportiing and fun or retreating by yourself to enjoy a few hours in the AVIVA SPA relaxing with a good book. In the AVIVA everything is possible and you can even decide on the spur of the moment and do what you fancy.

In the hotel AVIVA
new friendships socialize.

Time alone is the time in which you can get the best out of themselves.

Singles who want to reorient, can bring out the best in themselves and for themselves with the help of professional personal coaches in AVIVA in sporting, communicative and interpersonal relationship.

Who wants to relax in between again all alone and surrounded by absolute peace pleasurable, takes place in the Single Hotel AVIVA also enough space to retreat.