Top quality wines from Austria‘s best wine regions

and from across the world: in the AVIVA Vinothek.

Life is too short to drink bad wine – a maxim which is alive and well in the AVIVA, the hotel for single people. Only the best wines from all corners of the globe are found in the AVIVA wine cellar.

In the AVIVA Vinothek you will find
the right wine for every occasion.

Vampirolo & White Vamp
  • A harmonious dinner accompaniment,
  • A wine for a social get-together
  • And fine wines as the perfect end to a special day.

Be served top-quality wines from the best wine regions in Austria and from across the globe in the traditional ambience of the AVIVA wine cellar.

Wine tasting in the AVIVA, the hotel for single people.

Individual wine tasting sessions are also provided for groups of eight people and more. Ask the person sitting next to you at lunch is they might like to enjoy a wine tasting session – in the AVIVA, a hotel for single people, there’s definitely no problem in finding seven other solo travellers who appreciate a nice glass of wine.

We are happy to organise individual wine tasting sessions for groups of eight people and over.

Vino Rosso
Instead of a Bloody Mary.

The Mühlviertel area is oenophile too. And vampiresque as well. Austria’s answer to Barolo & co. provides indulgence with its compactness and fine tannic background. Good taste is not about sour grapes and this cuveé is definitely not something unpleasant, rather, it tickles your tastebuds with its wonderful, dry, slightly sweet aftertaste, as well as its libido.

The first wine to sample has sensual-bloody aromas coupled with a nose of

  • Liquorice,
  • Elderberries
  • and black olives.

A slight metallic nuance of darkness is brightened by a smoky-subtle hint of cranberry and cherries and is supported by the south-eastern aesthetics of the Burgenland region. From being in the shade for centuries, now in the focus of sommeliers and wine lovers, even when it first touches your lips it leaves you wanting for more.

Enjoy a Vampirolo, the barrique of vampires. Feast in this powerful, juicy mignon which takes you off on a journey to completely undreamt-of dimensions of sensuality!

White Vamp.
A sip of paradise…

What happens when you think laterally about Sauvignon blanc? Warm it up with some Burgenland heat, breathe in the Pannonian air and let an aroma of exotic fruits develop? That’s when White Vamp is nibbling at our neck. Golden yellow, with green reflexes. Gentle, subtle, like the beat of a bat’s wings.

  • Bright and fruity,
  • Lychee,
  • Mango
  • and fine citrus notes

Rustle throughout. Elfin, melodious, almost sparkling like a spring which never dries up. Sangue bianco. Blood is thicker than wine. Substantial in its clarity and exciting in the sensual symbiosis of Féte Blanche and Flair Noire. A sip of paradise which whisks us off directly into a realm of darkness. Then melts away like a kiss, melting in your mouth and slowly proceeding down, with an elegant mineral aftertaste, where it tarries a while, gently stroking, providing superb resonance in a wonderful last gasp. We never say he is a white wine. That would awaken the animal in him. And in us too maybe…