People who have made it their profession...

to pamper others! Your hosts in the Hotel AVIVA.

At 1000 m altitude, almost on the balcony of the world, in an idyllic little spot on earth close to the Bohemian border in the Austrian Mühlviertel district, the Pürmayer family have created a paradise for solo travellers, with a great deal of flair - the four-star superior Hotel AVIVA. The Pürmayer’s passion is, along with their superb team, to inspire people.

"Pushing forward into new dimensions with visions".
The focus is always on people.

Christian Grünbart as managers have taken on a great deal. ‘In the future we want to further consolidate the AVIVA and position as a place which is

  • personal,
  • with valuable encounters
  • and of well-being.

Life is variety-packed and that is why we have a pleasure, relaxation, sport, wellness and individual dialogue here, and also space for pleasure, laughter, celebration and plain simple fun!’. Together with the 50-strong AVIVA team the innovative pathway of this lifestyle destination is being continued and continually improved upon for solo travellers, friends, single people and seminar and event guests in St. Stefan am Walde. ‘In terms of seeing to the personal needs of guests and providing them with inspiration, we want to make more of a personal commitment ourselves’, says Christian Grünbart.
The range on offer is also to be intensified and made more attractive with lasting and sustainable sports, health and lifestyle programmes.