Power, energy & adrenaline. Seasoned with a portion of gentleness.

All in, a motley pot-pourri of sport, cars, wellness, cuisine and partying.

Make Noise!
A lot of fuss about nothing!

Or undertones about everything? High speed. In the air. In the water. Or on terra firma. Faster, further, higher. Adrenaline kick and heart-rate at 100. Sleep can wait…

  • A Harley ride through the Mühlviertel,
  • A zippy circuit in a 420 PS racing car
  • Or maybe you’d prefer a gentle facial treatment?

Men have discovered beauty & the like for themselves long ago and enjoy being indulged.

Tough. Trendy. And a soft heart.

AVIVA MAN is something for the complete man!
Whether it is talking it up in the AVIVA car fleet or like a thoroughly modern man, being pampered with a SPA treatment; every tough outer shell has a soft heart. Otherwise a man wouldn’t pamper himself – which is why the motto in the AVIVA MAN work-out is all about :

  • Sport
  • Adrenaline
  • and Relaxation

Yet this is combined with wellness treatments and always with new ideas as to how real men really get to enjoy their holiday to the full!