A smile when you wake up. A smile in between times. A smile when you go to sleep.

Want long-lasting beauty which comes from the heart?

‘Be as you are!’ said Friedrich Nietzsche.

Enjoy what you are"! is what we say.
Our AVIVA WOMAN offer especially for friends and solo travellers is all about just letting a woman be a woman:

  • in her individuality,
  • in her beauty
  • and uniqueness

Supporting being a woman, enjoying being a woman and being a woman...

AVIVA Woman.
Lie back. Relax. Be all woman.

AVIVA WOMAN emphasises

  • Beauty, health,
  • Nutrition
  • and balance.

You get to explore new programmes, treatments and packages here which are tailor made for friends and for girl power!

This doesn’t mean that a trip in the hotel’s own open-top car or the racy R8 isn’t an option for the ‘pure’ woman. Not forgetting

  • the trendy Vespas
  • or a honeymoon celebration in the AVIVA,

which is just the ticket for your best friends.

Just relax....