Make Motion.

One of the strongest powers of the universe is the law of balance.

Or plain and simply the harmony of giving and taking. This principle is valid in Mühlviertel. People and nature in harmony. Flora and fauna in harmony with the seasons and the elements.

Being active. Being healthy.

Latch on to the big loop of being active and healthy.

In our unending outdoor fitness centre! There is something for everyone here. The range on offer extends from a unique adventure in the natural surroundings to experiencing pure adrenaline. Whether it is a

  • relaxing morning run,
  • building up towards a marathon,
  • a Hand auf´s Herz circuit
  • a mountain bike tour with our health trainers,
  • or just a bike tour through Mühlviertel,

you will find a range of almost unlimited opportunities and plenty of variety with any amount of options for burning off some energy, re-energising and feeling healthy.