The sauna area in the spa hotel AVIVA in Upper Austria.

Hot holidays in Mühlviertel!

Finnish sauna, caldarium, infrared sauna or soft sauna. Too dry? Then head for the steam sauna. Refreshments are on offer in the health bar and sauna area. And to unwind, why not head for the relaxation lounge.

Hot moments
for fiery tempers.

Enjoy the warmth

The Finns say that a lady is more beautiful after a trip to a sauna than she was before. And they might be on to something there. A trip to a sauna is a real beauty programme.

Good then that there are so many saunas to choose from in the AVIVA and that everything is inclusive:

  • Finnish sauna,
  • Caldarium,
  • Infrared sauna,
  • Soft sauna
  • Steam sauna

The sauna area is open every day.

Sauna infusions

  • Alpine exfoliation

    Sauna infusion with hay exfoliation

    Deeply cleansing for your skin, promotes regeneration and leave skin looking brighter, more clear and more radiant.

  • Perfect detox

    Steam bath with a sea salt and honey exfoliation

    Seasalt – honey exfoliation promotes circulation in the skin, moisturises and has a tightening effect whereby your pores are reduced and impurities in your skin will be alleviated.

  • Sweet Dream

    Sauna infusion with a sugar - straw-berry exfoliation

    Makes your skin silky and healthy again. Rough areas disappear and your skin is provided with all the ma-terial it needs to stay healthy. Con-tains lots of key vitamins like B1, B2, A and a great deal of Vitamin C.

  • Breathe freely

    Sauna infusion with eucalyptus and mint bonbons

    Eucalyptus is a plant which is an expectorant and has a slight antispasmodic effect. Eucalyptus also eases the coughing up of bronchial secretion and inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses. Inhaling eucalyptus also improves nasal breathing. Its invigorating aroma is refreshing and banishes tiredness.