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particularly beneficial for body, mind and soul.


Detox Work Out

Re-aging as opposed to anti-aging. Stay young, stay fit – well-being is the maxim of this 3-day special. Genuine Mühlviertel linseed oil, which has a high proportion of omega 3 fatty acids has a rejuvenating effect, such as spirulina seaweed with its tightening effect and organic oxygen facial treatment. Minimum stay for this package, 3 days.

  • Seaweed pack 40 mins.
  • Exfoliation 30 mins.
  • 2 x Cellulite massage 30 mins.
  • Linseed oil massage with linseed oil Healthy drink 50 mins.
  • „Organic“ facial treatment 60 mins.
  • 1 x of our own treatments, „Creme de Contour“ 200 ml, diuretic effect

€ 285,–

Make UP

  • Beauty Flash
  • Eyebrow shape
  • Step by step make up advice

100 minutes

€ 115,–

Whirl Cinema

Pure senses. Dive into the far-reaching sensuality of earth, water, fire and air. Over a glass of Prosecco and with some chocolates just switch off from the world outside, re-energise, start afresh!

40 minutes

€ 36,–


A butterfly flutters and flutters. And you enjoy and enjoy...

  • Pedicure 50 mins.
  • Manicure 50 mins.
  • "Exclusive" facial treatment 80 mins.
  • Intuitive massage 75 mins.

€ 238,–

Time Out

Men only. Step out of humdrum daily  life and into a luxurious programme.

  • Pedicure with footbath 50 mins.
  • "Warm Up" facial treatment 80 mins.
  • Full body massage 50 mins.
  • Whirl Cinema 40 mins.

€ 210,–

Balance Concept

Re-discover your own core. Relax and tare your inner balance. Massages which have an in-depth effect, relaxing reflex treatments and letting go in warm waters promotes the process of holistic balance.

  • Raindrop massage 75 mins.
  • Sound reflex massage 50 mins.
  • Whirl Cinema 40 mins.

€ 178,–

Forever Young

Fitness. Feeling healthy. Inner cleansing. In these times of total sensory overload, less is the order of the day. Less stress. Fewer toxins. Less strain. And thinking about your own inner beauty. Minimum stay for this package is 2 days.

  • Cellulite wrap 50 mins.
  • „Effect Lifting“ facial treatment
  • Full body massage with tightening rose oil
  • AVIVA spa manicure

€ 248,–

Linseed oil & more

Linseed oil, a local Mühlviertel product, is not only good for your heart, but thanks to its extremely high levels of omega 3 fatty acids it is also fuel for your brain. Omega 3 fatty acids have a positive effect on your circulation, vision and protecting the cells of your body, they also increase intellectual capacity and slow down the aging process. This healthy all-round contributes to the reduction of the risk of arteriosclerosis and to the lowering of an increased cholesterol level. In addition, linseed oil can counter inflammation and strengthen the immune system.

  • Linseed oil – body massage
  • Healthy juice with linseed oil
  • 40ml linseed oil to take home
  • Linseed oil potatoes - Recipe

€ 73,–

Healthy back

Everything that relaxes you back and keeps it in good condition is good. Particularly recommended for office workers and computer workers.

  • Dorn Breuss treatment method
  • Fango pack
  • Partial massage

Minumum stay - 2 days

€ 115,–

Perfect detox

Your body is detoxified and deacidified using various treatment methods which stimulate your metabolic system and promote circulation.

  • Salt- honey exfoliation
  • Full body seaweed-sea salt wrap
  • Leg lymph drainage
  • Basic herbal tisane

€ 120,–


Being free means being beautiful. With flattering make-up for a glamourous appearance and special occasions. Wonderful hands and feet to help top your evening.

  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Evening make-up

€ 115,–